The Guide to the best bed frame for your bedroom

Sleeping comfortably is imperative for your health but sometimes it can be very frustrating if you sleep on a mattress without a bed frame to give you a maximum support you desire. Night after night, bedframe support your matress which makes you feel like a prince and princess with the height and support of the bedframe However, during our research we discovered that many sleep on a bed directly  due to squeak and awful noise especially during sex on their bed without a good support bedframe that is holding study.  It is now  time to reward yourself with one of the best bedframes, since your sleep depends primarily on the comfort level your body enjoy from the ground up. We have done some reviews on the Best bedframe to fit your bedroom space for your needs with the latest products in order for you  to make an informed decision.

  Bedframes are of two different types namely-

 Wooden bed frames and metal bedframes.

 WOODEN BEDFRAMES: Wooden bedframes are made from various kind of wood which include mahogany, oak, maple, pine and cherry. In addition, these types of frame has its own dinstintive colour and grain structure. The colour of the bedframe also depends on its wood which comes in different designs. These types of frame may be expensive but worth the money as they can last many years and turn your bedroom into a naural, cosy and classy place.

 METAL BEDFRAMES: These type of bedframe are made from wrought iron which make it look very stylish in a modern bedroom. Metal bedframes are strong enough  to withstand a lot of weight. It is a very popular choice for making children’s bedframe in bright colours like red, blue and pink. Another advantage of metal bedframe is that it is cost effective and easy to paint which requires little maintenance.

 Advantages of using bedframes

–         It helps in supporting mattress

–         It enhance mobility.

–         Helps in cleaning and re-arrangement.

–         It provide storage space under the bed.

–         It gives excellent support to your mattress head board.

5 Things to consider when choosing bedframes.

 When choosing a bedframe, there are several things to be considered as one third of everyone’s time are spent on the bed. Before any decision should be reached in selecting your bedframe, these five things are needed to be considered.

  1. Type of room: There is need to shop for a bedframe that suit your particular room. For example, if the bedframe is going to be placed in the children’s room, one must go for the bedframe that will suit the purpose, or if the room is for your guest, you have to purchace  less  fancy bedframe and if its for the master bedroom, the frame are usually one of the items that peoples spend their money on. Your bedroom should be seen as a calming environment that people can love to stay.
  2. Space availability: It is best to consider the available space in your bedroom before purchasing a bedframe. This can be done through the use of   flooring or painter tape to  measure and  know the exact size and the location that the bedframe is going to be placed. Bedframe takes most space in a bedroom hence, consider extra space when purchasing a frame most especially when buying frames with headboards or footboards.
    1. Room decoration: Determine your room decoration that will compliment the bedframe as most of the frames come in all sort of styles and materials. So, your bedframe material must be in line with the existing room decoration. For example, metal bedframe will compliment a contemporary décor while wooden frame gives warmth to a room with a wooden design.
    2. How movable is the bedframe? When selecting a frame, it is very important to measure haallways and doorways in order to ensure that the frame can be moved into the bedroom
    3. Your budget: there is need to consider your budget before shopping for your bedframe because some frames can be quite expensive and some unexpensive depending on the design and taste.The larger and fancier the frame is, the mose expensive it will be.


    Types of bedframes

    Bedframes can have footboard and headboard, one or the other, frames can also be built with different materials with variety of colour and styles. Below are the types of bedframes we have:


    1. Adjustable frames: This types of frame are most common and are easily moved. It consist of metal supports on caster wheels once the mattress and box springs are on the frame.
    2. Bunk frames: Bunk frames have two singles that are stacked on top of each other with the use of ladder to get to the top and  It is usually used by children.
    3. Canopy: A canopy have four extra- tall posts, one on each corner, framed at the top; the canopy fits over the top that surrounds the entire bed. Every sides of the canopy move like curtain to allow people in and out.
    4. Captain: For captain bed frame which has drawers for storage space underneath the mattress; the bed space is great for saving space in the bedroom. This bed frame is mainly for children and teenagers.
    5. Fourpost: Fourpost frame are available in wooden and metal with elaborate design and elegant headboards. The frame has a post on each corner.
    6. Mission:These types of frames are characterized  by headboards or footboards with vetical wooden slats. The line give them a clean  and simple look.
    7. Sleigh: Sleigh bedframe are elegant and sleek; it has a carved  headboard and footboard that look like the shape of horse drawn sleighs, its usually found in solid wood.


Great sleep start with a solid foundation. Your frame is the foundation for your bed that provides you with increased support, quick set up and more bed storage.