Ways To Choose An Upholstered Headboard For Your Bed

You are probably aware that an important element of bedroom design is the headboard on your bed.

What you may not be aware of are best practices for how to choose an upholstered headboard using criteria that include your budget, your style and how you use the room your upholstered headboard will live in.  We’ll also share favorite designer sources for upholstered headboards starting with from DIY headboard options and up to favorite trade furniture manufacturers including Lee Industries, Bernhardt, Eastern Accents, Hickory White and Kravet.

Let’s start your discovery process by breaking down the options according to durability and quality.  Answer this question: “Do you utilize your sleeping chamber primarily for sleeping, or do you spend a ton of time leaning up against your headboard reading or watching TV?”

Your answer to this question determines if you’ll need a durable solution or an upholstered headboard that can just sit there and look pretty.

For headboards in “sleeping-only” sanctuaries where utilization is primarily for decoration (AKA it doesn’t have to be ultra-durable) you have several options starting with budget-oriented solutions and moving toward more expensive custom options.

How To: Affordable Do It Yourself Solutions

Find a headboard shape that you like (don’t worry about the fabric, you’ll replace that!)  at a local consignment store, Craigslist, Ebay, etc.  Even a discount furniture website may do the trick.

Procure that headboard along with a few yards of a fun fabric.  Remove the old upholstery and make use of your trusty staple gun and voila – you’ve got yourself affordable DIY upholstered headboard!

How To: Affordable Custom Panel Solutions

Here are some examples of different shapes of panel headboards.

These are common headboard panel shapes you can use to commission a custom upholstered headboard.

Commissioning a custom “headboard panel” can be a great solution and one that can actually be priced similar to or below many retail upholstered headboards you may find online or in a catalog.

A headboard panel hangs on the wall above your bed like a picture.  It can also have leg supports that fold down and attach to your mattress frame.

This panel solution offers you many options for customization including shape and height, custom upholstery fabrics and even customized trim details such as tufting, welts and nail-heads.

When Durability Matters

Upholstered headboard durability is an important requirement if your bedroom functions as a hang-out space or if you recline against the headboard and upholstery.  If you do, an upgrade in construction and materials quality is recommended.

A durable and beautiful solution is to commission a custom full-height headboard with feet that secure to the mattress frame. You can even add upholstered side rails to eliminate the need for a bed skirt if you like! This option is more stable because it’s solid all the way to the floor, and the upholstered side and foot panels give more “connection” points that stabilize the headboard.

Eastern Accents Headboard in a neutral with no trim floral upholstery

The SAME Eastern Accents headboard pictured above but in a blue / white floral with nailhead trim

Durable Options: Choose a Synthetic Upholstery Fabric

Choose an upholstery fabric that is composed of mostly synthetic content so that oils, dirt, hair products and cosmetics aren’t easily absorbed by your upholstered headboard.  Over time these can cause stains and discoloration.

Durable Options: Buy Quality American Made Upholstered Headboards

You also have some great options when it comes to ordering an upholstered headboard or bed from “Made In America” furniture companies like Bernhardt, Hickory White, Lee Industries, and Kravet.

These upholstered headboard furniture manufacturers all have “graded-in” fabrics you can choose from and they also have a “customer’s own fabric” option that allows you to use upholstery fabric that you choose to purchase yourself from any source, anywhere and these furniture companies also enable you with the ability to use a mix of wood and upholstery on your headboard.

How to Find The Right Roofing Contractor

download-12Maybe you’re selling your house, just bought one, or noticed that the once watertight roof and the peace of mind over your head has sprung a leak. For one reason or another it’s time to bite the bullet and hire a roofing contractor.

Things you should know when talking about a new roof

Like any specialized trade, roofing contractors have their own lingo. With a little research you can learn the basics and be better prepared to keep up with the conversation when it comes time to talk about material choices and pricing.

Most likely the first person you will deal with when you are looking to hire a roofing contractor is the company’s estimator. Estimating a roof job is part art and part mathematics. Roofers usually talk about squares. A square, in roofing parlance, is ten feet by ten feet, or one hundred square feet. Once the square footage and the number of squares is determined, the next step is to figure out the complexity of the new roof. Are there hips and gables, steep pitches, tough access issues, layers of old shingles that have to be removed? Does the sheathing need to be replaced? All of these factors will influence the final cost.

Typically it takes three bundles of shingles to cover a square, and the cost can range anywhere from $200 to $500 per square, depending on your location. Other common roofing materials are asphalt, tiles, and metal panels; the material choices also depend on where you live and what the most appropriate style of roof is.

Finding the right roofing contractor

Once you have an idea of the scope of the work involved and have made some basic decisions about materials and level of overhaul, the next step is hiring the right roofing contractor.

The best contractor will come recommended either by a neighbor, friend, or reputable source like the Better Business Bureau. To get the process started you can fill out the form on this page to get the contact information of local roofing contractors.

Unless you are absolutely sold on one contractor with great references and experience, then you should get quotes from three different roofing contractor companies.

Before signing a final contract, make sure that the work quoted includes materials, delivery, and installation. Also, make sure that the contractor will haul away all the old debris and shingles removed from your old roof and that completed work is covered by a warranty.

The great thing about roofs, unlike interior home improvement projects, is that you can check out a contractor’s previous jobs by driving by other homes they have worked on. If the workmanship looks clean and the roof is intact, you will probably feel a measure of confidence in your decision.

Finding Affordable Modern Furniture

It is a general misconception that modern furniture is very expensive. However, if you undertake sufficient research and consider some important factors, you can get them at very inexpensive prices. Furniture styles have certainly evolved over time, having gone through several changes. The patterns and outlook are more advanced and trendy. Due to their style and convenience, they are in a high demand, which is one of the reasons for high prices.

Modern and Old Furniture

The main difference between today’s furniture and the furniture in the early decades is that the former is made using cheaper material, such as tubular steel, aluminum, vinyl, and glass. Despite cheaper material, a majority of them are still expensive and far from the reach of the common man. This is possibly due to the involutions and the convenience that you get in return. They may have a bed, table, and some other things built in a single couch. Earlier, the furniture was made using good quality material, which was durable, but they didn’t have the functionality provided by the modern ones. Some shops still stock this ancient furniture that is very rare, and as a result, it’s still in high demand.

Modern Furniture

An Introduction

There are several companies that offer modern furniture at very affordable prices. The reason is that they are manufactured in quantity on an assembly line. There are some companies, which manufacture individual parts, and later, assemble them to make different types of home and office furniture. This is known as modular furniture and is normally available at considerably lower prices as compared to single-piece furniture. Such affordable furniture is readily available in local furniture stores.

Material and Prices

Today’s furniture is made from unconventional substances, like rattan cane, which is quite inexpensive in comparison with traditional wood. Rattan cane can be molded into different patterns, which may be used to create innovative designs. A rattan cane sofa set and an ‘end table’ may be priced at less than USD 3,000, whereas a dinner set may be available for less than USD 2,000. Wicker wood is also another inexpensive material used for manufacturing cheap modern furniture. However, it is soft and doesn’t look attractive unless it is polished or finished in an efficient manner.

Where and When to Buy?

The internet is certainly a good place to search for affordable modern furniture. There are many shopping sites that have good offers for modern houses and offices. If you want to check the furniture displayed on the site in person, you can email your requirement to them. They would certainly provide information about furniture shops in your locality, which they are associated with.

It is not necessary for the furniture to be branded or unique. They still look beautiful and can provide the convenience that expensive ones do. A majority of people believe that they are more perdurable than customized or designer furniture. They are a good alternative for families who live within a budget, and want to buy a very nice piece of home furniture. You can also get the best quality furniture in an auction sale or an exhibition. The best time to buy such furniture is during a season sale, as you get a variety with discounted prices.

There are many places where you can purchase good and affordable modern furniture, such as festival and clearance sales, yard sales, or directly from factory outlets.

Ways to Build a Rocking Chair

One of the first things that comes to mind when listening to this evergreen Beatles song is a nice, comfortable rocking chair! Truly, a cozy and comfy rocking chair can be one of the best ways to relax after a tiring day’s work. A good rocking chair is a must-have piece of furniture, and for those of you who long for one, you don’t need to look too far.

Making a Rocking Chair

Before you go about building a rocking chair, you should know certain basics about the chair components, material used, etc. A rocking chair typically consists of the following parts:

  • Armrests
  • Backrest
  • Chair legs
  • Rockers
  • Chair seat

Wooden rocking chairs are mostly made of hardwood such as oak, teak, and at times, even walnut. Hardwood is always preferred for its sturdiness and durability, so it is advisable that you select a similar type of wood while making your rocking chair.


  1. Rocking chairs are available in many varieties, designs and patterns. One of the first things that you need to do is prepare a detailed sketch of the type of chair that you intend to make.
  2. Google for some common, easy-to-make rocking chair designs and use them as a reference, if necessary. Make sure that you specify all the measurements and other necessary design details in your sketch, before you proceed with any further steps.
  3. The best and most logical way to make a rocking chair from scratch is to build different chair parts individually and then assemble them together at the end.
  4. Start with the front legs of the chair. Using your sketch as a guide, measure the appropriate length of the piece of wood and mark it with a pencil. Cut it uniformly with a sharp saw. In case of the rear legs, take into account the curvature of the rockers and adjust the leg length accordingly.
  5. Once you are done with the chair legs, move on to the chair seat. Depending on your sketch, cut a square or rectangular-shaped wooden plank of adequate thickness. It should be strong enough to bear your weight so be careful about this. Attach the seat to the legs. You can either glue it using special chemical adhesives or you can nail it together.
  6. Next up is the backrest frame. Now this is something that you should pay careful attention to. From an ergonomic point of view, the backrest should ideally have a slight curvature to it for proper back support, comfort, and to prevent your back from getting stiff. You can shape the wood as per your wish in order to get the desired degree of curve.
  7. Wooden slats are commonly used as part of the backrest. Make sure that you curve them to the same extent as the backrest frame. Once again, you have both options of either gluing or nailing the wooden slats to the backrest frame.
  8. After you’ve completed the backrest, move on to the armrests. These are relatively easy to attach, whereas the actual difficulty lies in deciding upon their thickness, width and height. Refer to your sketch measurements and attach the armrests accordingly.
  9. The next part involves attaching the rockers. Once again, pay attention to this particular part of your rocking chair. Make sure that you design the rockers in such a way that they are long, strong and stable enough.
  10. After you’ve attached all the individual parts, sandpaper them to get a soft, smooth finish. Finally, apply a coat of paint or resin to give it a warm and homely look.

Rocking chairs make for a great piece of home furniture, outdoor furniture, as well as patio furniture. Using this do-it-yourself guide, you can make a rocking chair within no time at all. Place it near your fireplace and it becomes a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the day.