Tips to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Most of us have a spare room in our homes, which gets converted into guest rooms upon impromptu arrivals. However, a guest room cannot just be a guest room. Just as you feel welcomed when you enter a hotel room, your guest needs to feel the same too. Little things that add to the convenience and comfort make the guest feel cared for and looked after. Making your guests feel at home requires some thought and planning. Although it isn’t much of an effort, you need to keep in mind certain details to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Here are a few things that will make the guest room as comforting as your home.

How to Prepare a Guest Bedroom

Clean Linen
Bed sheets and clean curtains are the first things that we notice when we enter any guest room. A clean set of linen makes a good impression on the guest. It speaks volumes about the simple sense of hygiene and cleanliness. Additionally, it makes the room look good too. Use light-colored sheets as light colors make the space look bigger than it actually is.

Fresh Toiletries
Using someone else’s soap or a shaving kit is a big turn off. If you don’t do it, do not expect your guests to do it either. Buy a fresh set of toiletries for the guest bathroom. This includes shampoo, conditioner, scrubs (as disposing a loofah would be expensive), toothbrushes, soaps and shower gels. See that the bathroom is washed, sanitized and free of odor. You can keep a few fresh flowers too, to make the bathroom smell nice.

Well-Made Bed
A crisp bed with soft bed covers and a warm blanket will give your guests a much-needed good night’s sleep. After a long journey, a well-made bed seems like the perfect way to make your guests feel at home. A comfortable bed is especially a great savior for overnight guests on a break journey.

Functioning Fixtures
If you have a heater, AC, fans, TV or any kind of fixtures in the guest room, make sure that they are functioning properly. A non-functioning AC on a warm night can be very irritating. Similarly, all other electric gadgets need to be in order before your guests arrive. Adequate lighting is another important aspect one needs to keep in mind while making a guest room. Besides the wall lighting, keep a nightstand to help out a nocturnal guest.

Laundered Towels
Nobody likes to use wet or stained towels. Providing your guests with laundered towels is a crucial part of making them comfortable. Getting soft, washed and fragrant towels are not difficult to find. Hand them over to the nearby laundry and you shall have them delivered to your home before your guests ring the bell.

Pair of Slippers
It gets uncomfortable to walk on floors that are extremely cold or dusty. Also, wearing slippers keeps the feet clean and prevents any kind of foot infection. Take care of this aspect, by providing your guests with a pair of slippers.

Most people forget to place dustbins in guest rooms. Many a time, this accessory is overlooked too. However, a dustbin in the guest room is very important as it keeps the room clean and saves your guest’s efforts to look for a dustbin all around the house to dispose the waste.

Something Special
Besides the aforementioned, walk an extra mile to make something special for the guests. If you know your guests well, then cooking their favorite meal, making their room in their favorite color, planning a nice dessert treat or catching up on movies that you’ve wanted to see together will truly make your guests feel at home. Small gestures that touch the nerve indicate your love and courtesy towards your guests. A good room is what any hotel can provide, but a personal touch can only be felt at home!

  • Stocked Up Bar
    Adult guests would surely enjoy a round of drinks after a long day of travel. Ask your guests in advance about their favorite brands and stock up the bar in the room. Relaxing with a drink is a classic way to call it a day!
  • House Tour
    Take your guests around your house and show them the way you’ve done it up. Showing them the place that means the world to you, will surely make them feel important.
  • Bookworms
    Some people cannot fall asleep without a book. Pile up interesting novels, magazines and journals for these veracious readers. You could even ask them which book they would like to read, to make it even more special.

Making your guests feel at home is no big challenge. While making the guest room as comfortable as possible, think of the things you would yourself need while staying outside your house. Answer each question with honesty and you’ll have the perfect room for your guests!

Creative Ways to Use Tree Stumps to Decorate a House

Tree stumps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. While a cross-section is generally symmetric, choose one that includes the bottom of the trunk and place it in your yard. Similarly, you can chop logs for wood slices as well as carve them through the middle to create decorative hollow stumps.

Scrape and clean an old tree stump and paint it white. On top, place a dish of water, and convert a simple stump into a regal bird bath.

Use a hollowed tree trunk to create an exclusive fire pit for camps, barbecues, and bonfire parties.

This idea can require wood carving skills, so take professional help if required. Use different tools and create spooky faces from or on the wood stump! You may also paint them and adorn your garden.

Place pots on the extended branches of an old tree stump. Plant attractive blooms into the pots and watch the garden transform into a riot of color.

Place wooden planks on a tree stump to create tables and seats. You have the most serene backyard seating arrangement ever!

Paint stumps in bright colors and use them as seats.

Plant small shrubs or blooms in the tree stump. Your garden is definitely going to be the talk of your neighborhood!

Check out the various ways in which you can creatively transform your wooden logs into objects of utility!

A simple and unique way of using wood stumps to create a lovely swing for your garden.

Cut thin slices from a larger log, clean them thoroughly, and use them as individual coasters. Likewise, saw off slightly larger cross-sections of the wood stump and use them as serving trays.

Place a miniature wooden bird feeder on one of the tree stumps and watch your garden turn into a paradise for the birds!

Hollow out a small section of the wood stump. Pass a long flowering stem through it and create a unique flower arrangement.

One of the most common tree stump uses involves creating a table. Smoothen the stump and use it as a rustic serving table.

Another creative yet simple use is to make nameplates or writing boards out of the wood stumps. Clean the stumps and use them as menu cards, to-do-lists, nameplates, etc.

Place LED strips or glowing electric lights within a hollow wood stump. You can use embossed, transparent sealants to cover the exposed areas.

Arrange wood slices or logs in attractive patterns or designs, click pics of these patterns and frame them on your living room wall.

Use tree stumps as decorative candle stands or holders. You can also place the candle within a small depression created in the stump.

Clean and smoothen a tree cross-section and use it as a rustic chopping board.

Use them as decorative item stands or holders that can support flower vases, willow baskets, lamps, etc.

You can smoothen the wood stump and paint it in royal colors, like gold, silver, cobalt blue, etc. It can then be displayed as is, adding to the surrounding decor.

Create a set of tables of varying heights, entirely out of wood stumps, which can then be creatively placed in different areas of your backyard.

You can hollow out miniature tree stumps partially and use them as attractive vases for your garden blooms.

Check out these unique creations! The chair and stools are simple yet quite nifty! Note that to create some of these pieces of decor, you may require professional help.

Guide to children’s bedroom furniture

Most parents’ fails to realize that their children bedroom is more than just a room where they can sleep. Their bedroom is considered as children’s private space and sanctuary where they can play and learn in outmost safety and pleasure. That is why children’s bedroom furniture must be child friendly and conducive to learning as well.
By the child’s bedroom design alone can be an early preparation to learning. Parents can simply pick a theme that can fire up child’s imagination just in case that he is too young to do that. Just in case that you’ve noticed your child’s affinity to a certain children’s show character then can help the kid inspire learning a lot.

Boys adore bunk beds. But lighter colors are often most preferred as they are easier to match and paired with other children themed décor. Always go for quality beds that can last for several years. As parents, it is not encourage to frequently change children’s bedroom furniture especially the bed. Do change the bedroom theme as your child grows up.

Dressers are bedroom furniture often neglected. Contrary to the popular belief that dressers have to be high to accommodate more children stuff as they grown is just an urban myth. Want to know the reason why? High dressers will just encourage your child to climb to the top thus poses great danger to your child. The drawers should be on locked runners so that the child can’t pull them all the way out and have them land on their toes. Three drawer dressers can double up as night tables beside the bed, preventing unnecessary mess and clutter on the bedroom.

Children with their budding creativity will surely love to draw, color and do puzzles. A matching kid’s table and chair will delight your kid. These children bedroom furniture is a must as this will encourage your child to develop his potential and to encourage independence. As for the children’s chair, choose a sturdy one that can withstand your child’s weight even when he is standing. Make sure that its edges are well-cushioned to avoid accidents.

How to Create a Perfect Modern Bedroom

Everybody wants a great new look in the bedroom and you might be inspired by the modern bedroom decorating idea that you have seen on TV, Magazine or in decorator catalogs. Advertisements often misguide people because they think that replicating those decorating ideas is easy but in reality you can’t do so. You can only reach to it by some new ideas. By the following basic tips of modern design you can easily set up your dream bedroom.

Instead of using decorating methods of the past people now use one or two colors for an exclusive looks. Amongst all, brown and white are two typical colors which are very much recommended by most of the interior designers. Also you may go with black and white color for the room and it does not make your bedroom uninteresting if you blend it with some dazzling colors like yellow or red. Besides chocolate brown is one of the most prominent colors, to give an outstanding appearance to the entire room it can be used in different shades of darkness. For two vital reasons you must go with these colors, the reasons are they easily match with your modern furniture pieces and also create a warm tone in the entire bedroom.

Clean, fresh and simply lined furniture are indispensable to form a contemporary bedroom. The darker shades of wood are ideal for modern decor style. To improve overall look of your room you need to avoid rounded lines. Straight lines and simply designed furniture grant you a great appearance. You have to opt for brushed metal for simple hardware look.

You have to select a perfect bedding set for your freshly decorated bedroom, but it is not so easy. People want to buy something which performs well, gives a new look and must be at reasonable price. In that circumstance you need to opt for a designer bedding set that includes a super king size duvet covers, some bed sheets, floral designed pillows, some special cushions and throws. This modern bedding set will give a complete makeover to your bedroom.

When it comes to accessorizing you must use minimum accessories. A single flower in long-lined glass vases may do wonders as a perfect finishing touch. Besides you can bring little key pieces of home decor accents. The bedroom interior decoration should match with the rest of the home. Once you call an interior designer to design your home interior, ensure that he or she also does the bedroom.

Now a day, 100 cotton duvet covers, bed sheets, modern pillows are the most usage bedding products for everyone since cotton made products are going for a long period, and it has the variety of designs and colors.